About Niyavii Design

Niyavii Design was created to grace your home and the lives of those who are important to you with nature-inspired gifts. Beyond mere home decor and stationery, these products are adorned with artwork that embodies deeper symbolism and inspiration making each piece truly one of a kind.

I wanted to deliver elegant yet modern products that would create an ever-lasting impression whether it was a towel used in your kitchen, a notebook where you keep your deepest thoughts, or even artwork decorating your wall. Those who receive these items surely find an appreciation for nature, leaving them inspired and uplifted.

Welcome to my creative world where I connect the beauty of art and the symbolism of nature in everyday goods.

Meet the Artist

Hello! I'm Trisha, the artist of Niyavii Design and a proud mama of two with a soul-driven dream to create a brighter future for my children through art. While I've been an artist all my life, I've also dedicated myself to pharmacy as a full-time career. I have been practicing as a critical care pharmacist since 2008 and since 2021, I've also taken on the role of pharmacy residency director. Now, I'm working in the margins of my life to grow my creative business. Join me on this journey—I've got so many beautiful things in store for you!

The Brand & Style

Niyavii pronounced as "Nee-aavee" was coined from the nicknames of both of my children.  My son's nickname is Avi, short for Avinash and my daughter, Aanya's middle name is Niyati. Before she was born my son name her Niya! Thus Niyavii Design was created. The submark associated with my logo displays both of their birth flowers, the water lily and rose. 

My work is largely organic with use of hand-drawn or painted techniques to create symbolic and nature-inspired motifs. The free-spirted essence of Bohemian colors are infused with traditional Indian elements to create a romantic and elegant style. Niyavii Design aspires to create a timeless aesthetic that can be both culturally and emotionally evocative for any space or product that my art is used for.

My Portfolio

All of my artwork can be found on my portfolio website at the link below if you are interested in seeing the many other designs I create and other companies I have collaborated with for licensing.