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Spoonflower is a print on demand site that is eco-friendly, manufacturing process, commitment to lowering waste by-products, and use of non-toxic water-based pigments. The company will print any of my designs on the product you need and ship it directly to you!

Steps To Find Wallpaper & Home Decor Products

When visiting the link above, follow these simple steps to find the home decor products for each design.

1 | Click on the design of your choice. This will take you to the fabric purchase page by default.

2 | If wallpaper or home decor products are desired, then scroll to the bottom under "Add to Cart" to find the link

3| Home Decor will display all products with the design selected

NOTE: There may be more than one scale of each pattern available. If the one you selected is not fitting the product well and another scale is not available, then please consider my option for custom work that will launch at the end of April!


Spoonflower offers wallpaper in peel and stick, pre-pasted removeable, grasscloth, non-pasted traditional pebble. Click the link to learn more about the quality and details of each type.

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With over 20 different fabric types including organic options, there are endless possibilities for finding the right fabric for your project. Most designs are available in 3 different scales to suit your needs. Contact me for any custom design requests.

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Home Decor

Spoonflower offers real-time mock-ups of any design on various table linens, bedding, pillows, curtains, and other decor at the scale you will receive the item. This way you know exactly how it will look before you order! Follow the link for an example of home decor products with one of my designs!

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Need a Custom Design?

Did you see a design you thought would be perfect for your space but it isn't quite the right colors or scale? I want to help you make a space that you absolutely love. I will be offering services in custom work by the end of April!

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